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Why I started Type1CALLS


My Name is Adam McLain, I'm a Arizona Native that grew in the Turkey woods. 

If I had to pick only one animal to hunt it would be Turkeys! 

I have spent over 8 years making wooded pot calls trying to produce the perfect sound. 

in 2018 I found that sound and feel confident in my calls to be released to the wild to give every turkey hunter out there another tool to help increase their odds. 

Personal Side Of Me


Why The Name Of  TYPE1CALLS

When I turned 27, I was diagnose with Type1 Diabetes. 

T1 is an everyday battle, fighting the highs and lows.

I hope one day there will be a cure for this autoimmune disease. A purchase of any calls can help find a future cure, as a portion of the proceeds will go to great nonprofits that are developing a cure for Type1 Diabetes.  

I am very sadden learn about Jason Hairston death. Jason was a role model who I looked up to. I was lucky enough to meet Jason a couple of times at trade shows. When I stated making these calls I sent a few to Jason to test out and what he has done for me ever since then I will be forever grateful.

Now I have two major goals in my life,

1) To help find a cure for Type1 Diabetes

and now

2) To help find a cure for CTE

For every call that is sold $10 will go to Research for Type1 diabetes & CTE

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